Set Vase table black, D80 cm incl. plate for lounge & lamp parts - Laminated hardcore compact, Schwarz

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Product description

  • The Vase Set contains all the parts required to make a stackable party table, dining table or lounge table.
  • The Vase tables are resistant to water and UV radiation, and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Available in white and black polypropylene.
  • The Vase Set includes a Vase Dinner frame (75 cm), a Vase Lounge set (35 cm) and a round hardcore table top (Ø 800 mm x 12 mm). Simply click the Vase Lounge into the Vase Dinner frame to create a party table (110 cm). Ideal for a reception or walking dinner.
  • Do you prefer the low version? Then combine the Dinner frame with the table top. Still lower? Combine the Vase Lounge connector (35 cm) with the metal base and the table top to create the ideal lounge table.
  • For extra atmosphere and cosiness, just add the Lumen LED light or transform the Vase Lounge into a Vase Light for some mood lighting.
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Technical specification

Product number Vase Set - SET.TVA.BLAD80 LHC12.401
Material: Polypropylene
Weight (per piece) 23 kg
Included Plate for lounge table & lamp parts
Usage For in- & outdoor use

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