Folding Chair Europa, epoxy black - Polypropylene, black

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Product description

  • The Europa is a classic folding chair with a steel frame, polypropylene back, and a (UV-resistant) seat.
  • Holes in the seat allow water drainage.
  • A reinforcement tube has been provided between the front and back legs.
  • The legs have durable protective caps.
  • Several folding chairs can be interconnected using a connector.
  • 25 to 50 chairs can be easily stacked on the accompanying trolley.
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Technical specification

Product number Europa - SEU.STBLA PPBLA
EAN code 5420010983677
Weight (per piece) 2,5 kg


What is the maximum weight that the Europa chair can take?

The maximum weight that the Europa chair can take is 120 kg.

Customer service

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