About Flexfurn

Flexfurn is the new name for Europa 2000 in Belgium, and Lamata in the UK.
James Verbeeck and his father Alex founded Europa 2000, a company specialising in folding and stackable furniture, in the year 1997. After setting up a dealer network and solid client base in Belgium, the entrepreneurs quickly turned their focus on expansion in other countries. With great success! Over a decade later, Europa 2000 had become one of Europe’s market leaders in folding and stackable furniture.

In 2007, this led to the merger with Lamata Contract Furniture in the UK, thereby consolidating their position in Europe. Lamata has been a well-known name in the UK market for over 40 years. The company operates from Cheltenham and also has its own manufacturing facility, which allows it to provide tailor-made solutions to its customers. By combining their strengths, Europa 2000 and Lamata have transformed themselves into more mature organisations.

At Flexfurn, we want to keep on offering our customers the best products and the best possible service - but also to offer you something more! We want to inspire you to create special occasions for your customers, so that you can create magic for them.



Flexfurn develops solution-oriented products as part of its constant effort to offer its customers added value. We want to inspire and create magical moments. Our products and approach differentiate us from the competition.


Company values

  • Durability/permanence: Flexfurn wants to build lasting relationships with its customers. That is why we produce quality goods that fulfil the needs of our target market. 
  • Respect/bond: we treat each other and our customers with respect.
  • Be a trendsetter: through creativity and innovation, we strive to develop products that have an aesthetic as well as a practical value.

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