4 years ago

Big party with posts

You give your party extra grandeur right away.

Posts can add a little extra allure to your party, but they are also an important party planning tool to keep things on the right track. Find out why posts would be indispensable at your next big event.

Red carpet

A red carpet guides your guests to the entrance quickly and in style. Photographers and journalists are indispensable at important events, but it is notoriously difficult to keep them at an appropriate distance. In such cases, posts may prove invaluable.

Tip: ask our customer service for our Entrance red carpet, available in black and red.
Highly suitable for professionals; washable at 30°C.


Corridor for ceremonies

Are you organising a wedding at an unusual ceremonial location such as the beach, a forest or a meadow? Our posts will quickly and easily create a ceremonial path so that all eyes will remain focused on the bride.

Flair-Logo-Flexfurn-(1).jpgTip: you can personalise the ribbon of our Flair posts with your own printed matter. The top of the Flair is interchangeable and therefore you can easily change ribbons.

All neatly in a row

Posts also come in handy when forming a queue. Place multiple rows next to each other or set up the posts in an S-shape if there are space restrictions and you also expect a lot of people.

If you need to prepare the buffet before the guests arrive at the table, the posts will keep eager guests at a safe distance. Posts can also help heighten the suspense - which is exactly what you need if you want to focus the spotlight on a special prize for instance.

Buying posts from Flexfurn

Flexfurn posts are made of high quality material and have a heavy base so that they will certainly remain in place. Flair and Elegance posts even have tubes of 1.1 mm thickness, which makes them extra sturdy and dent resistant.

Want to know more? Take a look at our posts in our catalogue.