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5 Tips for the perfect terrace design!

As the sun begins to shine and the weather warms up it is time for the patio chairs and tables to head back outside. But if you want your patio to be the place to hang out this summer there are a few things that you should bear in mind when choosing the right outdoor furniture for the job. Check out our tips to ensure that you maximise impact and get the best value.

TIP 1: Choose the right material

This common mistake can often make or break your patio and your budget. Steel tables and chairs can often look stunning in the showroom, but after one rain spray, it looks like your new patio furniture has just survived a natural disaster.

Our tips:
  • Aluminium and polypropylene are the best outdoor furniture! It can withstand various weather conditions and will not rust.
  • Go for UV-resistant products and avoid discolouration in summer.*
  • Go for water-, dirt-, and UV-resistant cushions. So panic when the raindrops start falling is a thing of the past.
*UV-resistant furniture can also discolour after long and intensive use.

TIP 2: Add depth and ambience with heights and area zoning

Transform your patio from a flat space to an ambient and atmospheric summer hangout. Utilising height differences in your furniture helps to break up the space and create different atmospheres.

Choose user-friendly, comfortable chairs and tables to easily transform your terrace into a place to be this summer. Utilise the corners and edges of the patio to provide cosy areas with lower-down seating and plenty of cushions for guests to relax. Using different materials across the area also helps to create different zones for example, create a special Bohemian atmosphere with a Rattan collection.

TIP: Not only is your terrace important, but a cosily decorated veranda is also a plus in summer.

TIP 3: Choose the right tabletop

An unfinished wooden tabletop can be beautiful, but if it is left outside intensively, it starts to absorb water. This causes the wood to start rotting or curling along the inside.
Our tips:
  • Go for an HPL (high-pressure laminate) tabletop.
  • Stay away from black decor! You will quickly see dirt and scratches on it. Instead, use textured or patterned finishes.
  • The rust style is the new black. Go for an HPL rust or HPL Italian stone tabletop, for example. No scratches, dirt, or stress...and pleasant to be seated on.

TIP 4: Think about maintenance

Choose low-maintenance materials. PP and PE chairs and tables (polypropylene or polyethylene) are very easy to maintain. No sweating or scrubbing is required. Aluminium is also a low-maintenance material. Just run a soft brush or cloth and some tepid water over the frame, then wipe dry and done!

TIP 5: Think about storage and/or clearance

Will your terrace be outside all winter? If yes then you can skip this tip. But if  you store your terrace furniture in winter,  take this into consideration while making your choice.
  • Go for stackable, foldable or nestable furniture. That way, you will be able to maximise the use of your space and you wont be at risk of climbing over unused furniture with the risk of damaging it in the wintermonths.
  • Go for a light, ergonomic option; your back will thank you. Just make sure your terrace tables and terrace chairs are not too light. You want them to stay in place during a summer breeze.
EXTRA TIP: Buy local and ask for samples

Dare to ask for samples; this is the only way you will know for sure if your new terrace furniture is the right choice for you. You can test the products before purchasing and your customers can give feedback. The best suppliers and manufacturers will always provide this option.

We also recommend buying your new terrace furniture locally. Not only is it good for the planet, but you can also expect fast and good service this way. Now its about deciding how many people you want cater for on you patio to increase your turnover.

With these tips, you will be ready to create a beautiful terrace! If you would you like additional advice to ensure your outdoor space is a roaring success this summer? Then contact us and we will help you create your dream patio!

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