Lumen LED set, incl. remote control & charger - White

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Product description

  • Our handy, rechargeable Lumen LED light brings the Vase, Laze and Conic collection in the mood that you desire.
  • For indoor and outdoor use (splashproof, IP 65).
  • With its handy threaded fittings, this LED light can be easily integrated into our products. Thanks to the magnet in the back, you can attach the LED light to any metal surface. For non-metallic surfaces, you can attach the Lumen LED light on a special Clamp.
  • The Lumen LED is designed for professional use and comes with a wide range of options. You can even control them in groups and manage colour and light effects with the remote control supplied as standard. Or you can control them via smartphone with our handy Bluetooth Box and Android app. The DMX controller perfectly matches light with sound.
  • The low-frequency Lumen LED light also does not interfere with wireless systems and Wi-Fi signals.
  • Total LED power: 12W.
  • Charging time: 3 - 5 hrs
  • Battery runtime: 8 - 15 hrs
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Technical specification

Product number Lumen LED Light - MLU.LED 10W.WHI
EAN code 5420010020082
Weight (per piece) 0,5 kg

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