Dinner Table Conic Dinner, black, 70x70cm - Acrylic, white

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Product description

  • Conic Dinner is a multifunctional dining table made of polyethylene.
  • Available in white and black.
  • This table can be used indoors and outdoors since it is resistant to water and UV radiation
  • Easily stack 5 units of the Conic Dinner on the accompanying trolley.
  • This dining table comes standard with an acrylic table top that can fit into every Conic unit (Party, Dinner and Lounge). However, the Conic Dinner dining table is also available with table tops of various types and sizes. A melamine chipboard (18 mm) table top (150 x 150 cm) is available for indoor use. For outdoor use, simply mount the hardcore (12 mm) table top on the Conic Dinner. This transforms the Conic Dinner into a dining table for 8 people. These table tops (150 x 150 cm) can be easily screwed on to the dining table using the mounting kit (included). The hardcore table tops are also available in a smaller size (67 x 67 cm) which also fits perfectly on the Conic.
  • Apart from our range of table tops, we also offer several handy extras that can be added to the Conic range. The steel frame and the polyethylene tray insert can be fitted into every Conic model. For extra atmosphere and cosiness, just add the Lumen LED light - or simply transform the Conic into a lamp. With the One Bottle Set, the Conic Dinner can also function as a bottle cooler. Another nice extra is the Magic Flame: create a unique atmosphere with flames rising from your Conic. A stainless steel bio burner can be easily attached to the modified table top.
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Technical specification

Product number Conic Dinner - TCOD.PEBLA7070 PLOP
EAN code 5420010006536
Stackable 5 high in a trolley
Included white translucent acrylic table top
Material: Polyethylene
Usage For in- & outdoor use
Dimension 70 x 70 x 75 cm (LxBxH)
Weight (per piece) 6 kg

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