Folding Chair Super De Luxe, gold - Versailles, fire-retardant, red

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Product description

  • Super De Luxe is a fire retardant folding chair with upholstered seat and back.
  • The slightly curved back offers optimal seating comfort.
  • Super De Luxe chairs have a hammerscale grey or epoxy gold steel frame.
  • A reinforcement tube has been provided between the front and back legs.
  • The legs have durable protective caps.
  • Several folding chairs can be interconnected using a connector.
  • Up to 30 chairs can be easily stacked on the accompanying trolley.
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Technical specification

Product number Super De Luxe - SSL.STGO VSFR.ROU
EAN code 5420010944630
Fire retardant Yes
Weight (per piece) 5 kg

Customer service

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