Flexfurn launches as first company in the world auto disinfectant furniture

The perfect solution to create a safe environment for the hospitality industry and other companies.

Flexfurn has entered into an exclusive partnership with the iProtect Group, distributor of ACT CleanCoat ™. Together they guarantee that treated furniture is free from bacteria and viruses for 1 year, such as flu, but also Covid-19. This revolutionary organic product has been tested and passed various European standards. Customers receive an European certificate for 1 year after treatment of their furniture.


Various international scientists have recently tested and endorsed the effect of the product. In addition, the product passed the European standard EN 14476: 2013. The furniture is treated with ACT CleanCoat ™ which is transparent and odorless. In combination with sunlight or UV light, the product breaks down viruses and bacteria. So no more contamination can happen through the furniture in this way.


The solution for the hospitality sector and companies

Stop losing time, manpower and money to disinfect all your furniture after a visit! With ACT CleanCoat™ your furniture remains hygienic and disinfected for 1 year. No additional handling required. This guarantees the safety and health of your visitors and employees.

What is ACT CleanCoat™ ?

ACT CleanCoat™ is a coating based on a safe and advanced technology designed to break down harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores and chemical compounds such as VOC and NOx.

The coating is transparent, odorless and can be applied to all types of surfaces. When the coating is exposed to light, a photocatalytic reaction begins, which decomposes microbes and purifies the air.

How does ACT Cleancoat™ work?

In ACT Cleancoat™, natural moisture and oxygen are converted to free radicals by TiO₂ in the presence of light. This is the natural process called photocatalysis. These free radicals continuously decompose bacteria, viruses and the volatile organic compounds they come into contact with.

Werking ACT-CleanCoat™

Benefits of a treatment with ACT CleanCoat™ ?

  • Makes surfaces disinfectant after treatment
  • Purifies the air and improves the indoor climate
  • Eliminates micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, algae and organic waste such as VOCs and unpleasant odors
  • Is approved for all surfaces (including those in direct contact with food)
  • Transparent and odorless coating
  • Activated by light
  • Surfaces are antibacterial for a minimum of 12 months

Interested in a treatment of your furniture?

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Stylish & Hygienic

Flexfurn is your partner for stylish, practical and hygienic furniture

  • Foldable and or stackable
  • Easy to transport
  • Sleek design

After treatment with ACT CleanCoat ™:

  • 1 year antibacterial after treatment
  • Self-disinfecting on all surfaces
  • Purifies air and indoor climate


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