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& Practical

Flexfurn is your partner for stylish and practical furniture:

  • Foldable and or stackable
  • Easy to transport
  • Fresh colours
  • Sleek design
Dinner in style

Salt Grande

From € 675.00 /pc.View

Kasar Bar

From € 59.00 /pc.View

Kasar Footrest

From € 7.00 /pc.View

About X-Design

X-Design is synonymous with design furniture and lounge sets that add that little bit extra to your event or hospitality business.

  • Functional design furniture
  • Lounge sets
  • For hospitality and rental businesses
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Practical and multifunctional
Dining in summer

Conic Party

From € 280.00 /pc.View

Conic Lounge

From € 250.00 /pc.View

Conic Seat

From € 165.00 /pc.View


From € 36.00 /pc.View