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Create a safe environment for your employees with self-disinfecting furniture

Create additional seats in no time

Thanks to our package deals, you can set up a pleasant cafeteria, relaxation area, waiting area or office space in no time via a simple purchase lease. And this, completely tailored to your company.

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About ACT CleanCoat™

Create a safe environment in your business with our self-disinfecting furniture.

A treatment with ACT CleanCoat ™

  • Disinfects all surfaces by itself
  • 12 months free from bacteria and viruses
  • Organic, transparent & odorless
  • Air purifying and improved indoor climate
  • European certified according to EN 14476: 2013

About X-Design

X-Design is synonymous with design furniture and lounge sets that add that little bit extra to your event or hospitality business.

  • Functional design furniture
  • Lounge sets
  • For the hospitality sector and other businesses
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Practical and multifunctional