2 months ago

The event industry and back pain: an inevitable combination?

Do you drag heavy and clumsy furniture at every event resulting in back pain? From now on, no more! Say goodbye to back pain with these 3 tips. The event sector is characterised by dragging and lifting. After all, at every event you are ready for the complete set-up and take-down. And thanks to these tips, you can do so without backache.

1. Move smart

You can avoid many back problems by moving smartly.
  • Bend and lift sensibly: When lifting something, lift from your legs. Bend through your legs and keep your back straight. A light object is best picked up using the 'golfer's lift'. Swing one leg backwards while bending forward.
  • Lift heavy things with multiple people: Actually, we all know this. Yet we quickly dare to lift something heavy alone. But this way you strain your back and cause back pain.

2. Go for low-maintenance furniture

You proudly set up your furniture at an event. But during the all the cleaning, you have to do a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the stains. And those little corners and gaps will give you a backache as well as a headache.

So think about your maintenance in advance and choose low-maintenance furniture.
Keep in mind: This way you clean quickly, easily and without backache!

eXtra: Place your cleaning bucket on a stand, so you don't have to bend over and it is easier to lift and move. Fill the bucket only halfway with water, so it is less heavy.

3. Go for ergonomic furniture

Avoid back pain by choosing light and easy-to-handle furniture. You can move smartly and choose low-maintenance furniture, but if you still have to lug around heavy and clumsy products, your back pain will not disappear.

Those who think of ergonomic chairs often think of office chairs. However, there are also ergonomic event chairs. Check them out hereKasar, Wimbledon, Jade, June...

eXtra: invest in a transport trolley

Did you know that there are trolleys for all our tables and chairs? So you can move all your furniture in one go without effort and back pain.

So get rid of your back pain now by moving sensibly and investing in low-maintenance and ergonomic furniture. Ready to say goodbye to your back pain? Then take a look at our ergonomic and low-maintenance event furniture.
Check out the low-maintenance products.

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