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Prevent sun fading with a snap of your fingers!

The sun is shining brightly. You're enjoying the outdoors to the fullest, but after two weeks, your brand-new furniture has already faded from sun exposure. Sound familiar? From now on, you can prevent sun fading on your furniture with just a snap of your fingers.

Do the following tricks to prevent sun fading sound familiar: placing your furniture in the shade, storing it immediately after use, and using protective covers? Discard this advice now.

Opt for UV-resistant furniture

UV-resistant furniture enjoys the sun with you. The benefits for you?
  • Color retention even after prolonged and intensive use.*
  • Avoid complaints and financial damage caused by material fading, bidding farewell to unhappy customers.
  • Leave your UV-resistant furniture outdoors day in and day out, with no more dragging and lifting.
*Even UV-resistant furniture may fade after more than 5 years. To prevent complete fading, you must eliminate exposure to the sun, except for those few times when it shineBannering-FORMS.pngTypes of UV-resistant furniture

UV-resistant furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. We have already compiled a list for you, so you don't have to search high and low.
  • Lounges:
    • The Rimini Lounge is modular, elegant, and stackable. With a handy click-and-connect system, you can effortlessly create various seating arrangements. The cushions are also water-permeable, making them perfect for your terrace! Read more.
    • The Conic adds a modern touch to your terrace. The Conic is so modular that you can create different seating arrangements in an instant. The faux leather seats are easy to clean with a damp cloth. If you dread cleaning your lounge, this is your perfect match. Read more.
    • The Laze is practical and straightforward. You can easily connect multiple chairs to create a lounge. If you like to create extra ambiance, the Laze is your partner in crime. Add a Lumen LED light for added coziness. Read more.
  • Chairs:
    • The Kasar ensures you can comfortably enjoy the sun. This ergonomic (bar) chair adds a modern accent. Are you looking for a low-maintenance chair with a timeless design? Take a closer look at the Kasar. Read more.
    • The stackable Capri, June, and Jade are three simple chairs that can be used for any occasion. If you want to clean your terrace chairs quickly and easily, these three chairs may be perfect for you! Read more about the Capri, June, or Jade.
    • The stackable Sorrento is a stylish chair with armrests. If you want to add an elegant touch to your terrace, this chair is what you're looking for. Please note that this chair requires a bit more maintenance. Why? It's simple: The openings in the backrest require a bit more effort. Read more.
    • The folding Wimbledon is the ultimate ceremonial chair. With its ergonomic design, you can enjoy every event comfortably. If you want a stylish chair with easy maintenance, the Wimbledon is the perfect choice for you! Read more.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to prevent sun fading. Invest in UV-resistant furniture and embrace a carefree summer! Curious about all the possibilities? Contact us, and we'll help you make your terrace UV-resistant!
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