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7 tips to reduce your carbon footprint

Sustainability is a term that keeps returning in the headlines. For some companies, reducing their carbon footprint seems to be a big challenge. But what is your company's carbon footprint? And how do you reduce your carbon footprint? These tips will help you make your business more sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment.

No matter how big or small your business is, you always have an impact on the world around you. Carbon footprint shows total greenhouse gas emissions, in short it shows how much energy your business consumes.

Did you know that reducing your carbon footprint can also save you money?


TIP 1: Measure your company's carbon footprint

Every entrepreneur knows: data is knowledge. To reduce your carbon footprint, you first need to know how big your carbon footprint is.

Map your CO2 emissions with this free tool. Only when you know what your carbon footprint is can you tackle it!


TIP 2: Switch to digital documents

Do you print dozens of documents every day? Then it's about time to change your printing habits! Paper creates a lot of waste. So stop printing unnecessary documents.
  • Back up e-mails and important files online. This can be through an online database or on an external hard drive.
  • Send contracts, invoices and offers as PDF files.
  • Sign your documents online using electronic signatures.
  • Cancel unnecessary addressed advertising.
  • Printing anyway? Use ecological, recycled paper and print double-sided.

TIP 3: Switch off the lights

Do the lights stay on day and night? Is it necessary as it consumes a lot of power? Our tips?
  • Switch off the lights when no one is around.
  • Turn off computers and all unnecessary appliances.
  • Unplug chargers. These consume energy even if no device is connected to them.
Tip: Switch to LED lighting. An LED lamp uses 85% less power, is more economical and lasts longer. When buying new products, you can also immediately choose the most sustainable appliance.


TIP 4: Recycle!

Recycling is very easy and does not require great efforts. What is the best way to do it?  
  1. Give clear sorting instructions. Make sure every employee is aware of the sorting rules.
  2. Put your bins in an easily accessible place. No more excuses not to recycle.
  3. Give back packaging waste. In many cases, your supplier will take back packaging waste such as pallets. They can reuse these.
  4. Reuse materials. Parcels and boxes can be given a new life. For example, reuse your parking signs at your next event.


TIP 5: Transport

Transport has a big impact on your carbon footprint. Transport of the finished product and your employees is a key factor.

Transport of your employees

Do you expect all your employees to come to the office every day? Re-evaluate whether it is necessary for them to come to the office, however, their transport causes a lot of 'unnecessary' emissions. Moreover, you also save on travel costs.

Is it impossible for your employees to work from home? Then promote public transport or cycling. Is this not an option? Then see if carpooling is an option.

Transport and distribution of the end product

You can also reduce your ecological impact by answering the questions below.
  • How can I optimise the number of suppliers?
  • Where is ecological route optimisation possible?
  • Which grouped deliveries are possible?
  • What alternative modes of transport can you use?

TIP 6: Green energy

As a business, you use a lot of energy, which is why you might consider investing in green energy. You can invest in solar panels or wind turbines, generating your own power and giving the surplus back to the grid. Moreover, your energy bill will drop significantly!


TIP 7: Go for sustainable products

When buying your new products, opt for sustainable products. These are products that last longer, are produced in an environmentally friendly way or are recyclable. Did you know that there are even ecological lounge sets, tables and chairs?

Tip: extend this into your promotion. Opt for sustainable promotional items. For example, go for ecological pens and bags, which can also be printed.

With these tips, you can reduce your ecological footprint. Would you like extra advice on how to organise your event, office space or catering establishment sustainably? Get in touch with us!
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