4 years ago

Would you like to set up a cosy lounge bar?

Experience many cosy moments with the Laze lounge set.

Laze-White-Sportagon-parasol(3).jpgLounge corners have an enormous appeal. Anyone who is active in the hospitality or event sector knows it: set up a lounge corner outside and terrace tourists will be attracted like moths to a candle flame.

Even inside, the magical effect of a lounge corner is spectacular, whether it is an office space, a bistro, a shopping centre or a waiting room. Although at the same time, it is equally important to decorate the lounge area comfortably and never to lose sight of practical aspects. Two requirements that Laze easily fulfils.

Laze, because the seat is also a feast for the eyes

A lounge corner where everyone can have a great time? It is furnished with ergonomic lounge furniture and comfortable cushions that can withstand heavy use.

Industrial designer Frédéric Boonen designed Laze with exactly that idea in mind. He selected Ezy dry foam and UV-resistant Sunbrella textiles for the cushions. In addition, the Laze trademark is registered in Europe.


Pouf! A planter or an ice bucket or …


Nice to sit on. Nice in appearance. What else would a person expect from a lounge set? Ask that question to someone from the event sector, and the answer is plainly: flexibility!

Laze hits a bull’s-eye in this area too. The Laze pouf can be used for example as a table, as an ice bucket, as a flower pot, as an umbrella stand, etc. Frédéric Boonen has thought of everything. Even an invisible water drainage system.

A lounge set with stunning lighting

Laze is a real winner. During the day, the lounge chairs with their simple, shell-shaped design beckon everyone who wants to enjoy a drink and a snack in all the cosiness of the place. And in the evening, all the floodlights are really focused on Laze.

Or rather: Laze lights itself up with an atmospheric glow. Thanks to our Lumen LED lights, your lounge furniture is guaranteed to steal the show in the colour of your choice during the late hours.




Do you want to set up a lounge corner when travelling?

The Laze chairs and poufs are easy to stack and transport. Ask for our handy Laze transport trolley!