Furniture trolleys

Do you want to make sure that your furniture lasts longer? Are you tired of damage during transportation? That´s why we focus on developing furniture trolleys and other transportation solutions. We pride ourselves in our products and want you to enjoy them as carefree as possible. That is why we continually try to develop new and improved trolleys.

Furniture trolleys collection overview

Furniture trolleys for chairs

Flexfurn offers transport solutions for all types of chairs: barstools, folding chairs and stack chairs.

Trolleys for design & lounge furniture

Trolleys for Titan, Conic and Conic Lounge, making it easy to transport a large lounge settings in a couple of trolleys

Furniture trolleys for dance floors and-posts

Transportation solutions for e.g. dance floor and posts.

Furniture trolleys for folding tables

For folding tables and party tables.

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