Related products

Flexfurn does not only sell tables and chairs. We have also got covers and trolleys, but there is more….We offer a varied selection of related products as well: e.g. posts, coat racks, buffet tents, dividers, a stage, a dancefloor, etc.

Related products collection overview

Coat racks & Dividers

Flexfurn offers various types of coat racks, dividers and coat rack combinations i.e. coat racks that can alos be used as a divider. The coat racks can easily be taken apart en set up again, so they are ideally suited for events.

Maintenance products

Do you want your products to keep on looking their best? Flexfurn offers you the maintenance products to achieve the maximum result. Our cleaning and maintenance products are especially developed for Flexfurn products, so you can be sure that they offer the best possible care.

Barrier posts

When you want to put extra focus on your entrance or highlight a product, posts and ropes are the ideal solution. Flexfurn offers you a selection of styles to fit every need. Are looking for something unique? We also offer the possibility to personalize band of the post, so u can use this as branding space as well.

Dance floor - Stage - Lectern

At Flexfurn, we want to offer you a complete solution. So not only do we sell functional furniture and covers, there is even more. E.g.we also have a dance floor that you can easily build up, in whatever size you want. Or a foldable lectern, with its own flightcase….

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