Innovation & design

We pride ourselves on our innovative and practical designs. The lounge and design furniture is beautiful yet practical and exclusive to Flexfurn.

In the past we have already brought you the Titan collection and Conic range. This year we are introduce you to a 2 new members of the Conic family, the Conic Dinner and the Conic Lamp.

The Conic Dinner table is a white, black or red Conic with a height of 70 cm, dinner table height.

Add an optional MDF table top (available in black and white) an you can seat eight!

The Conic dinner is the ideal companion to the Conic lounge and Conic party table.

The Conic Lamp (frame + cable set) offers you a way to transform your Conic Lounge table into a beautiful overhead lamp. An optional wall hook and truss hook make it a versatile asset for events.



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