Who is Flexfurn?

Flexfurn is the new company name of Europa 2000 and Lamata Contract Furniture (UK). Europa 2000 has been producing and distributing folding and stackable furniture for events and hospitality since 1995 and Lamata has already been trading in the UK since 1964. Together, they are one of the leading European specialists in the field. From 2013 onwards, both Europa 2000 and Lamata will continue on as Flexfurn.

Where can I buy Flexfurn products?

Flexfurn products have been around for a long time, only you might know them as Europa 2000 or Lamata folding and stackable furniture. From 2013 onwards we are Flexfurn, and if you are interested in our products, there are a couple of ways to acquire them depending on the business you are in: If you are….

  • …in the hospitality (hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants) business, in retail, in public office or a government agency: Flexfurn does not sell directly to customers, but we operate through a wide network of dealerships. Our dealers can assist you with your project and advise you which Flexfurn products are most suitable. You can also contact us if you would want some more information about dealerships or our products.
  • …a rental company active in the events industry: You can buy straight from us. Please contact your sales agent or fill out the contact form. They will be happy to assist you.
  • …a private person interested in Flexfurn products: We do not sell directly to end consumers. However, some of our dealers do. Please contact a dealership directly or contact us for a list of dealers that sell to private persons.

I want to become a Flexfurn dealer. How do I go about that?

We are always interested in expanding the availability of our products. However, there are some preconditions… Contact us and let´s see what we can do for each other!

I have a complaint or I am not 100% satisfied with my Flexfurn furniture.

At Flexfurn we strive to offer you products that live up to your expectations and standards. Should a product not live up to those expectations, it is important for us to know about this. We pride ourselves in our customer service levels and will try to offer you a satisfactory solution.

If you have bought your Flexfurn products via a dealer: Contact your dealer. If necessary the dealer will contact us and we will handle the complaint with the dealer.

If you have bought directly through Flexfurn: Please contact us via web, mail or mail UK. Or give us a call at + 32 (0) 13 67 62 11 / 01242 524777

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